Corporate event management
Specialists in conferences, Corporate functions, Gala and Themed Events


KMT Events conceptualise and implement corporate meetings and corporate events of all sizes and calibre including conferences, gala events, award functions, and team building.

What we do

Event Management Services

  • Event budgeting and management
  • Venue Selection and Coordinationincluding Food & Beverage
  • Coordinating AV requirements
  • Coordinating and Managing Delegates, Speakers and Exhibitors
  • Arranging transport and accommodation
  • Entertainment ideas, selection, coordination and booking
  • Producing agendas and run sheets
  • Coordinate and manage all event materials eg. Lanyards, brochures, programs,
  • Theming and Decor
  • Negotiating with supplier
  • Coordinating and managing suppliers, eg. Photographers, booth setups, videographers, etc
  • Liaisingwith sponsors
  • Online and onsite event registration
  • Coordinating auction, door & raffle prizes
  • Onsite Event Management
  • Offsite Programs
  • Post-event surveys
  • Sourcing promotional products and corporate gifts
  • Overall management and co-ordination

Corporate Gifts

Why would you need us

Why outsource if you have been happily managing your own events?
Was there a trade-off such as your own work tasks, time and sanity?
Would you have liked to allocate certain tasks to others?
If you answered ‘yes’ to either of the last two questions then this could mean you may need to outsource some or all of your event needs.

Does outsourcing cost more?
The management fee is usually a percentage of the event budget. In some cases, this could be an hourly fee especially if it is task-specific. However, due to our relationships with suppliers and negotiation skills, there are cost savings. Effectively, this means that the fee may be absorbed by your budget.

Event planners can be compared to painkillers – if they can’t completely eliminate the headaches, they certainly can reduce the effects of them.
What headaches? What could go wrong? Those of you dealing with events know that even the best laid plans do invariably go astray – that’s where event planners have contingency plans for weather, speakers, printing … the list goes on.

Like all professional people, event planners are professionals. Would you ask a plumber to do your tax return? Event planners know what to ask and who to ask. They are your ‘right-hand people’ in the lifetime of an event guiding you through the whole process. When organising an event, most people see the bigger picture, venues, food, speakers, etcand overlook the small tasks – it’s the little things thatmatter! And at the end of the day, you will have a quality event. 

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