Welcome to KMT Cuisines

We are a husband-and-wife team whose careers originated in Corporate IT. One day, I decided to change directions and set up an Event Management business running business/corporate events such as conferences and gala events. Kelvin joined me in the business a few years later. All was going well but the pandemic struck bringing the events business to a standstill. This resulted in me ‘crawling up the walls’ (due to the lockdowns and not seeing people) and both of us wanting something to do.

Hence, KMT Cuisines was born during the pandemic at a time when travelling was restricted. The idea was to create authentic Singapore hawker fare to transport people back to Singapore and bring back memories of home – the look, taste and aroma. Thanks to the support of friends and the community, we were able to bring the idea to life by ‘borrowing kitchens’ in cafes/eateries aka pop-up. Hence, our journey and this chapter of our lives began, without an inkling that we would still be doing this even after the world opened up and we still love it but we only pop-up occasionally now since everybody’s lives have become busier. 

We have collaborated with a few eateries and thank them immensely for their support on our journey so far. And also the patronage of the customers who have come by and experienced and enjoyed our food, that is gold! It is that that drives us with passion, always saying to them – YOUR ENJOYMENT IS OUR ENJOYMENT!